The IMA Academy

The internal martial arts academy is a national school which offers foundation training in chi kung, tai chi, and internal kung fu ( hsing-i and bagua ).

The ideal of the IMA academy is the rejection of sterile tradition and the insistence of efficiency, economy and practical effectiveness.

The IMA offers a structured teaching programme, allowing students to develop at their own pace. Offering tuition for people to gain health benefits, or for developing combat skills more information

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The IMA founder

Glen Jenkins is the cheif instructor of the IMA , with 35 years martial arts experience 20 within internal martial arts. He has travelled worldwide studying with many famous and not so famous martial art masters.



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The IMA Programme

The IMA has a structured programme offering workshops, classes and private tuition. The training is open to students at all levels, from novice through to advanced practise and for those interested in teacher training.


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