The IMA Academy teaches all aspects of internal martial arts training whether to improve well being or develop combat skills.


Tai chi (Taiji) - practised primarily for health by many practicioners, as a martial art emphasises softness, yielding and counter attack strategies and blends soft and hard internal power. <read more>


Chi Kung (Qi Gong) has a marked effect on the preservation of health and is the foundation to develop combat skills in martial arts. <read more>


Internal Kung Fu

Hsing-i (Xing-Yi) - mind-form boxing which offers a powerfull mechanism to apply force. <read more>


Bagua (Pakua) - a martial art known for its flexible and changeable hand movements and footwork to develop an effective combat system. <read more>


The emphasis of the IMA is training human spirit, body strength and flexibility. as well as the training of harmony and elasticity of tissue and muscles, instead of the patterns of routines. Forms are an important tool within internal arts, but yi (intention of mind) for the power to work in harmony and to acquire the essence of the practise is the main goal.

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