The Ima Concept

The IMA Concept focuses on the intergration of martial arts, believing this to be the most important part of the training. the idea being to create one tool or function that has many uses rather than hundreds of techniques.


Bruce Lee had a similar idealogy in the creation of Jeet Kune Do. The infamous Wang Xiang Zhai created Yiquan by intergrating internal arts and external boxing methods. The IMA concept is to continue this approach of training insisting on effiency, economy and practical effectiveness.


In concept all martial arts have the same goal. Internal training is more about awareness and using the whole body through correct structure and movement. Internal training also requires Yi (intention of the mind) for the power to work in harmony.


External training has the same goal relying more on muscular force. The natural talent of the practicioner may play a much more important role ie. reflexes, speed, strength. External skills can be developed in a much shorter time than internal prowess.


The aim and concept of The IMA is to integrate thl martial arts. In a ideal senario to develop internal training and use those methods for the individual to find their own path. It is the individual who needs to use their intelligence and find correct training to achieve their goal.




Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee - founder of Jeet Kune Do




Wang Xaing Zhai - founder of Y iquan

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